Better Care Clinic Membership Plan

Birth to 18 years of age: $50 per month
Ages 19-30: $100 per month
Ages 31 and above: $150 per month

All listed services are included in the monthly membership plan:

New patient visit: Free
Annual wellness visits: Free
Routine follow-up visits: Free
Acute care visits: Free
Work or school physicals: Free

Call for refill of previously prescribed chronic use medication: Free
Ordering new medications requires telephonic or in -person visit:  Free
Refill of any controlled substance requires in- person visit: Free

Procedures :
Nebulizer treatment : Free
Lab draw : Free
Punch or shave biopsy performed : Free
Incision and drainage: Free
Laceration repair: Free
Suture or staple removal (even if they were placed by an ER or another physician): Free
Minor wound care (cleanse, pack, etc.): Free

FMLA form: Free
Work excuse: Free
Other forms : Free

Patient and/or insurance is responsible for all costs associated with any imaging, laboratory testing, specimen analysis, pathology or other services not personally provided by staff or performed on premises. {Examples include labs and biopsies which must be sent out for analysis, medications, etc.}. These would be billed to either you or your insurance company.

There is a non-refundable $100 enrollment fee per member.

***Discounted enrollment fees when 3 or more family members are enrolled at the same time.